Year-end greeting 2022

The Cooperative Society Newsletter
December 2022, Issue 38
by E.G. Nadeau
, Ph.D.

Because E.G. is recovering from knee-replacement surgery, he’s not writing a newsletter this month. Instead, we invite you to scroll through the Newsletter Archive to the right, starting in January 2017. We thought you may be interested to see what we’ve been researching and writing about for the past six years.

The emperor’s new clothes (best clothes ever) – an image from our very first post in 2017. Hopefully we will not be seeing much of this figure in 2023 and beyond.

We also invite you to access the free PDF of EG’s most-recent book Strengthening the Cooperative Community on our website or as a print book through Amazon and local booksellers.

Here’s to a more cooperative 2023!
From The Cooperative Society Project team—
E.G., Luc, Jill, and Sue

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