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The world as we know it is about to disappear

The Cooperative Society NewsletterMay 2023, Issue 41By E. G. Nadeau We are beginning to experience four convergent crises: a high level of xenophobia, divergent population trends, a rising world temperature, and massive waves of migration. How can we avoid a catastrophic collision of these crises? First, let’s review the convergence of these problems. Xenophobia –…

We’re about to lose the war on global warming. What do we do next?

The Cooperative Society NewsletterMarch 2023, Issue 40by E.G. Nadeau, Ph.D., and Luc Nadeau, M.S. What’s the war referred to in the title of this article? Winning the war on global warming would require achieving the major goals adopted by 196 countries and regional entities in the Paris Agreement of 2015: . . . to hold the…

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