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Algeria gets an F for its climate actions. Tunisia gets a B. Why are these ratings important for the rest of the world?

The Cooperative Society NewsletterJanuary 2023, Issue 39by E.G. Nadeau, Ph.D. I recently took a two-week trip to Tunisia and Algeria. Here are my observations on the climate situations in the two countries, which are neighbors in North Africa along the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its fall back into authoritarianism, Tunisia appears to be making a genuine effort…

Year-end greeting 2022

The Cooperative Society NewsletterDecember 2022, Issue 38by E.G. Nadeau, Ph.D. Because E.G. is recovering from knee-replacement surgery, he’s not writing a newsletter this month. Instead, we invite you to scroll through the Newsletter Archive to the right, starting in January 2017. We thought you may be interested to see what we’ve been researching and writing about…

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