An Overview of the Cooperative Society Project

The Cooperative Society Newsletter March 2017, Issue 2 by E.G. and Luc Nadeau What started out in the fall of 2015 as an idea for a single brief book has expanded into a planned 14-year project – with the possibility of continuing after that. As many of you know, the premise of the book, The CooperativeContinue reading “An Overview of the Cooperative Society Project”

Trumpus Rex: A Damage Assessment

The Cooperative Society Newsletter     January 2017, Issue 1 by E.G. and Luc Nadeau The lead-up to Donald Trump’s presidency has more the feel of a coronation than an inauguration. But like the emperor in Hans Christian Andersen’s fable, there are many of us who question how well-clothed Trump is for the job. The purpose ofContinue reading “Trumpus Rex: A Damage Assessment”